YoDJ A Better Way to Listen To Music!

YoDJ is an MP3 audio streaming program that turns your computer into a Web Jukebox.

  • Supports a wide variety of media types including AAC / M4A.
  • Easy to install. It runs on top of a web server and the Open Source PHP language.
  • Works on Windows, Mac OSX and most Unix or Linux platforms.
  • Apple OSX has everything everything you need already installed.


  • No databases
  • Easy configuration
  • Easy and intuitive UI
  • No limit on connections - as many as your bandwidth will support
  • CSS Styling for all look and feel
  • Works with Apache and Microsoft IIS or Personal Web Server

If you do not have a web server installed, don't worry! The installation instructions will walk you through every step.

Last Release Date:   03/15/2010

New Release 1.0.2 Now Available!

Download the free Demo Version. Please Register if you are going to use it. You may not make any changes to the code or resell it. This program is under active development. Changes and enhancements are made frequently. Be sure to check Notes for information about updates and new releases.

This program is the sole property of and under copyright by Daniel Doman - © Copyright 2003

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